QFLEX Category 6 patch cable
High Quality flexible patch cables

Make the most of the limited space in your network infrastructure with QFLEX Category 6 patch cables!
The QFLEX category 6 patch cables offer the same speed as standard category 6 patch cable but with a much smaller and more flexible cable which will save critical space in your networking infrastructure.

The QFLEX by GreyCom category 6 patch cables are tested to ensure they meet the category 6 network standards.

QFLEX by GreyCom cables are manufactured under strict quality control, designed with high quality copper conductors, and high quality RJ45 connectors with 50my gold contacts, and 100% component test to ensure compliance with the category 6 standards.

QFLEX by GreyCom cables consists of four unshielded twisted pairs, with the high quality 28 AWG stranded conductors meet the requirements of IEEE802.3AF/AT Power Over Ethernet in length up to 3 meters. The booted QFLEX category 6 patch cable stranded conductors and a thin, tight and flexible PVC jacket.