Category 6 patch cable

Category 6 patch cables are standardized entry level patch cables. With the network speed up to 1 Gbps, the Cat 6 network patch cables are sure to give you an economic performance. GreyCom, as always, deliver you the best price/performance achievable.

GreyCom Cat 6 patch cables are manufactured folowing the regulations that have been defined by the TIA/EIA. The GreyCom CAT 6 Patch Cable is ideal for use in high performance Gigabit Ethernet networks 1000 Base-T.

GreyCom Cat 6 patch cables are fully compatible with the older CAT 5e patch cable and existing 10/100 fast Ethernet network.

The GreyCom CAT 6 patch cable consists of four unshielded twisted pairs. With the 24 AWG stranded conductors the cables meet the requirements of IEEE802.3AF/AT Power Over Ethernet applications. The booted GreyCom CAT 6 patch twisted stranded conductors and a highly durable and PVC jacket.